All H3ll Break Loose

It’s dark. It’s late. These times belong to the Grim Reaper. And his friends. The ones you can’t see. The ones who hide under your nose. It’s cold too. A death threat for you. You smell rotten flesh and pools of blood all over and around you. And it gets even darker. Darker than the darkest hour. You feel a shadow. Not just only see it but it totally shakes your bones. Gates of H3ll must of opened because legion of Demons of all kinds come looking for you. So you try to hide. But fail miserably. Our friend Grim comes closer, closer and even closer ’til you can smell his bones and feel his breath on your face. He starts laughing and the Demons scream…

À lire en écoutant ÇA j’trouve ça fait une excellente trame sonore.

\µ/ ->:)

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