Ahhh le bon vieux temps. Qui passe vite. Shit de Tempus Fugit de marde

Mon dernier comment YouTube. J’l’aime, chu inspiré j’trouve…
L’ai modifié/amélioré un ti peu.
Fait que j’vous l’kriss dans face…

Kaschlok BAM!!!

Ahhh the good ol’ days. When we were listening to Blag Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Religion, Christ On Parade, SNFU, Cr@ss, The Accüsed and all on tapes… We designed cool shit on a white tape for the tape title. Some of us Punkers in the blood and to the bone are married, have kids. Some are still the same goofballs. Just that now the tapes are YouTube and channels like this. But what’s important is that WE STILL LIKE SUICIDAL’s INSTITUTIONALIZED LIKE FUCK!!! Guess things never really change, they just evolve… LOL

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