Ça l’air vraiment bon, faut j’vois ça ABSOLUMENT!!!

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So there are the typical love stories about flowers and gummy bears with warm feelings and charming witty-ness and yaayy! And then there are the stories that are reality; examples of temporary euphoria, emotional apprehension, flawed personalities, previous baggage and the harshness that is life. Should those stories be any less portrayed in films? BLUE VALENTINE says ‘no’.

Starring my favorite actors of Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams, BLUE VALENTINE is a small, touching, and, at times, horrible love story about two people who fell victim to circumstance, rose out of it beautifully and got in their own way. A very small story about a chance encounter leading a young couple down a whirlwind relationship that doesn’t go exactly how they expect.

They’re initially young with dreams fueled by the exuberance of being in love. However the future is different, and they might be happy, but they’re constantly…

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