Ça l’air fucking cool ça.


Beyond the Bunker

Favourite story I’ve seen in a while. In 1986, the musical comedy Little Shop of Horrors was released to rave reviews and brilliant ticket sales. People flocked to watch the cheerful musical numbers and Audrey II eating people. But according to an interview with entertainment weekly, its director Frank Oz had to completely rearrange and almost entirely discard the original ending after test audiences despised it vehemently – forcing a complete rethink.

Far from the sort of the soft touch you might expect of nervous producers nowadays – Producer David Geffen backed the project wholeheartedly, despite some reservations, but had to baulk at the approval ratings of the first cut. If you’re wondering what it was that soured so many audiences to the first version, it was the brutal death of both main leads and possibly the rest of the world at the vines of carnivorous Alien plant monster Audrey…

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