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Alright, alright. I’m one of the people that loved the Horror flicks that came out last year. Hell, Grave Encounters, Cabin In The Woods and The Possession to name a few.

But man am I looking forward like mad to see what 2013 is gonna give us. Here are the ones I’m the most looking forward to see. Yes, some might even already be out but as I haven’t seen them, I’m including them here anyways.
Sue me if you don’t like it fuckers. 😛

Here’s the very small list that Wikipedia as put up. Missing loads of shit though…

OH FUCK DAMN SHIT H3LL YES, YES, YES EVIL DEAD‘s remake is the one I’m the most waiting for. The trailer is just sooo ass kicking it’s nuts. Plus it is written by Sam Raimi [director of the first and if you didn’t know that, I don’t know in what fucking planet you live] and producer by none other than Bruce Campbell power dude. So yeah. I KNOW it’ll rock.

THE ABC’S OF DEATH I’ve been waiting for what seems like an eternity to see this one. Imagine, 26 directors together, 26 shorts, what a cool concept. Looks very, very promising.

Zombie is back and offers us THE LORDS OF SALEM. And well, It’s Rob so you’ve gotta be sure it’s gonna be good, as ALWAYS with this rocking dude.

Another Horror legendary director/producer is coming up with a new one, senior Del Toro’s gonna give us MAMA and I can’t wait either, always LOVED this guy’s movies. Fuck, he’s the one that gave us Hellboy so there. 😛

I’m really excited for this one. Hansel and gretel is one of my favorite stories when I was a kid with Snow White so to see that as a Horror flick is gonna be pretty fucking enjoyable lemme assure you.
AND it’s got my oh so cool as fucking cute as H3LL Zoe Bell that I love so much. She’s the one that was doubling Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and made her first film debut in Tarentino’s Death Proof. Also saw her in a few other thingies but one that I really loved was ANGEL OF DEATH. Awesome performance. She’s what you definitely can call a TRUE BADASS chick. 🙂

V/H/S is the one I’ve been wanting to see the most with ABCs OF DEATH.
I fucking loved everything I’ve seen/read about it. Looks fucking freaking frigging amazing. 🙂

JACK THE GIANT REAPER [also SLAYER OR KILLER] I just discovered now but I liked the trailer very much.
A bit more fantasy than true Horror but they are styles that I always fit in the same bag, especially when they feature monsters… Heh like it or not, I don’t give a fucking flying shit. 😛

TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D is one that I want to see even if I wonder WHY THE FUCK another remake is done. The one with Jessica Biel a few years back was enough I think. But hey, I’m still gonna watch it, damn why not, it’s fucking LEATHERFACE and his chainsaw kills so yeah, screw it… lol

There’s also a few oddities like CANNBAL DINER of which the trailer got me interested, well done, thank you. Hot babes and from Germany from which I always loved the movies.

And SAVAGED which looks freaking cool.

So there you go, that’s what I’m most impatient to see in this year of grace 2013. Of course much more will be added during the year to my way TOO FUCKING BIG Horror watchlist but still, looking forward to see all the ones that are in it. Yeah, I’m a true bloodied Horror freak.

Suck my dick if you don’t like it. 😛



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