You’ll be attacked by Evil, Punk, Demons, Babes, Ghosts, Tits, Vampires, \M/etal, Grafiks, My Soul, Naked Chicks, Blood, Gore, Horror, Sixties Muscle Cars, Ships, Galaxies, DA MOON, Robots, Books, Magazines, My Cat Sweet Lil’ Chick Bug Face, My Parakeet 13 Blue, Shitload of Toys, Pop & \M/etal Muzak, Mooore Naked Babes, Stuff AND MORE +++++++ of PUNK FUCKING ROCK… Run away while you still can… Or…


Welcøme Tø my H3LL!!!

J’écoute: Propagandhi-Gifts
Je lis: Neuromancer-William Gibson
Je regarde: Cargo 2011
Je joue à: Quake 1
Bouffe: Pizza
Weather: -20°C

Moon: 52.5% Full

Cool en sale ça. J’fuckingDORE la voix EVIL que l’tabarnak. Pis la babe est hot en kriss. Bon vieux Horror B-movie ça. Comme j’aime. 😀

Holly Peers a des seins FABULEUSEMENT MANGEABLES!!!
Yum, slurp, yum, bave, yum, viens dessus, yum, spermy boobs, yum. lol


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