Diane Foster: Incendiary

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Rivers of Grue

Diane Foster: Incendiary

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I’m sure you will be only too aware of the sad passing of horror scream queen Marilyn Chambers recently. We lost somebody cherished and, for all the Jamie Lees and Sigourneys, it was she who evoked my strongest response growing up. It seemed uncanny when I received news and I shall explain why. Shortly after I began to scribe appraisals, the great Roger Ebert also expired. While I often disagreed with his viewpoints on films, I respected him fiercely for what he brought to the table during his reign as the voice of a generation. I felt like I was being handed a baton, so to speak, and I see the same thing in action here. Diane Foster is the modern day scream queen to hang our hats on. As Audrey in The Orphan Killer she already demonstrated…

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