89-01-14 (Netwerk) Profound – Bambix

\µ/—>X) ☠☠☠


This was a so-called ‘Doe-wat-dag’, a ‘Do-Something-day’ (“Meeting-day with all kinds of music, action and creativity”), where the aim was to bring more than ‘just’ bands. There was music, yes (also non-punk – the intention was also to broaden the horizon beyond just hardcore/ punk (industrial/ electronic?).) but we wanted to put the emphasis on political, socio-economic and lifestyle themes. We invited different organisations to do info-stalls, showed videos and invited speakers. No mentioning of Smurfpunx on the flyer. Michel DC wanted to do his own thing but had to rely on some of the other Smurfpunx for practical help…

So the Vandenberg bro’s (Paul & Olav ‘Lärm’, ‘Seein’Red’, ‘Man Lifting Banner’) lended their support again too. This time they were coming over with their friends of ‘Profound’ (“communist straight edge band”). So there were lots of friendly faces. The bass was in Burt’s hands but Jos (I think he…

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