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Welcøme Tø my H3LL!!!

J’écoute: Banlieue Rouge-Otage De l’État
Je lis: Rue Morgue Mag June 2013
Je regarde: Memoirs of a Geisha
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Ostie de kriss de film de fucking MALADE!!! Un des meilleurs drame j’ai fucking jamais vu dans ma kriss de vie. Terriblement GÉNIAL.

V’là c’que j’en pense, ouin in english, j’ai copié c’que j’ai marqué sul forum pis ça m’tentais pas de l’écrire in french pantoute. Un fois c’t’assez kriss. LOL 😀



Freaking H3LL the way my dear Alison Lohman [which was pretty young then] plays in this is out of this Universe totally. The way she drives her Astrid character is beyong reality. She made me cry, suffer, be happy, be wondering, be amazed and a whole damn bunch of other things like these. WOOOW!!!

Pfeiffer is her mom. She gets in jail for the murder of her bf. Astrid gets dragged from foster home to foster home. Until she meets Renée Zellweger that decided to grab her at her place.

Renée [Claire] asks her what’s the most beautiful momenr of your life??? Right now she says…

Then Claire she dies after she meets her mom. Still having tears running down when I think of that scene. HEARTBREAKING. Like crazy. sad

Awww man. From beginning to end this thing is just so POWERFUL it’s insane.

Oh yeah, she draws and very well too. She meets a dude at school which is an artist too. And a very cool relation begins. He draws too and also well.

Ah BTW Pfeiffer is also a badass artist.

She goes often to visit her and Ingrid [miss Pfeiffer] writes her. The damn things she says to her are just brutal. But they still love each others.


At the end when the artist guy her bf, Paul played wonderfully by Patrick Fugit a face we know are up to N-Y, she receives a letter after like 6 months with a 7 pages newspaper article about her work and she says:

The picture is her standing in her cell, the bars in her back. Beautiful, Dangerous …

Finishes with her saying I love my mom… Fade to black, credits bye bye. Woah what a trip. One of the best drama I’ve seen litterally.

Astrid: You look at me mother and you don’t like what you see. But this is the price… the price of belonging to you.

Ingrid: You don’t go anywhere until I let you go.

Astrid: Then let me go.