Un genre de review de SCREAM FUCKING 4 & Kristen Bell + Hayden Panettiere


You’ll be attacked by Evil, Punk, Demons, Babes, Ghosts, Tits, Vampires, \M/etal,
Grafiks, My Soul, Naked Chicks, Blood, Gore, Horror, Sixties Muscle Cars, Ships,
Galaxies, DA MOON, Robots, Books, Magazines, My Cat Sweet Lil’ Chick Bug Face,
My Parakeet 13 Blue, Shitload of Toys, Pop, \M/etal Muzak, Mooore Naked Babes,
Stuff AND +++++++ of PUNK FUCKING ROCK… Run away while you still can… Or…

Welcøme Tø my H3LL!!!


Je regarde: TRYPTIQUE 2013
Je joue à: DOOM 3:
Bouffe: Macaroni Sauce Brune Herbes

Moon: 52% Full


Bon ben ma starter aik cé deux ostie de fucking SEXY GORGEOUS RESPONSABLES D’ÉRECTION HOT SEX BOMS babes lè :D

Hayden Panettiere

Kriten Bell


Ce qui m’amène à la raison pourquoi j’ai décidé de sortir de mon trou et de poster un new one.

RIP Craven tu nous manque déjà. Mais sérieux tu étais fucking magnifique dans tes script, ton choix d’acteurs, et ton talent photographique ÜBER élevé…

[et pour celui là, t’as fait TRÈS FORT!!!]

Lucy Hale
Roger Jackson Roger Jackson
The Voice (voice)
Shenae Grimes-Beech Shenae Grimes-Beech
Trudie (as Shenae Grimes)
Dane Farwell Dane Farwell
Anna Paquin Anna Paquin
Kristen Bell Kristen Bell
Aimee Teegarden Aimee Teegarden
Britt Robertson Britt Robertson
Marnie Cooper (as Brittany Robertson)
Neve Campbell Neve Campbell
Alison Brie Alison Brie
David Arquette David Arquette
Courteney Cox Courteney Cox
Hayden Panettiere Hayden Panettiere
Emma Roberts Emma Roberts
Marielle Jaffe Marielle Jaffe
Marley Shelton Marley Shelton
Nancy O'Dell Nancy O’Dell
TV Host
Erik Knudsen Erik Knudsen
Justin Michael Brandt Justin Michael Brandt
Film Geek (as Justin Brandt)
Rory Culkin Rory Culkin
Nico Tortorella Nico Tortorella
Anthony Anderson Anthony Anderson
Adam Brody Adam Brody
Gordon Michaels Gordon Michaels

Juste fucking GIGANTESQUE!!! :D

Ostie y’a même LUI calvaire!!! YAY!!!

Matthew Lillard Matthew Lillard
Guy at Stab-a-Thon (archive footage) (uncredited)

Les répliques TUENT tout le long.

” Fuck you Bruce Willis ldit ‘black cop aik un couteau dans l’front avant de crever. HAHAHA :D

J’ADORE cette scène.

“You forgot rule #1 of remakes. DON’T MESS WITH THE ORIGINAL!!!” LOL

Sydney cé la fucking BEST Final Girl de TOUS LES TEMPS kriss. EST BEN TROP BADASS AS FUCKING DAMN H3LL!!! :)

Sérieux Ghost Face est un ostie de psycho pas de sens.  J’adore comment y réussi toujours à krisser l’camp super subtilement. Y TORCHE!!! Hehehe 3:)

J’aime ben aussi comment quand y tue y suit c’qui s’passe dans STAB. Pis c’te fuck de caméra là est un détail qui bûche d’aplomb.


PUIISANTISSIME chef d’oeuvre this shit is. Thanks bro Wes………………………………………………………………………………………………


Fait que cé ça qui est ça Motherfuckers de fous débiles mentaux. CYA!!! :D



89-01-14 (Netwerk) Profound – Bambix

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This was a so-called ‘Doe-wat-dag’, a ‘Do-Something-day’ (“Meeting-day with all kinds of music, action and creativity”), where the aim was to bring more than ‘just’ bands. There was music, yes (also non-punk – the intention was also to broaden the horizon beyond just hardcore/ punk (industrial/ electronic?).) but we wanted to put the emphasis on political, socio-economic and lifestyle themes. We invited different organisations to do info-stalls, showed videos and invited speakers. No mentioning of Smurfpunx on the flyer. Michel DC wanted to do his own thing but had to rely on some of the other Smurfpunx for practical help…

So the Vandenberg bro’s (Paul & Olav ‘Lärm’, ‘Seein’Red’, ‘Man Lifting Banner’) lended their support again too. This time they were coming over with their friends of ‘Profound’ (“communist straight edge band”). So there were lots of friendly faces. The bass was in Burt’s hands but Jos (I think he…

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Small Update

Damn yeah!!!
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Haunted October

Path to Damnation will be releasing MAY 1st!

Here’s the blurb:

“Come little slayer, into my lair, and we shall play a game…”

Ten months after the events with Josef Dragos, slayer Tuck Houston is in Iceland training with her strigoi guardian. The strigoi blood awakened in her gives her no choice but to do so. But her training is interrupted by the one Damned who keeps slipping out of her grasp—Penelope.

The beautiful Damned has finally come calling to finish the game she started with Tuck a little over sixteen years ago. But instead of retrieving Tuck herself, Penelope is sending her on a scavenger hunt. A hunt that Tuck’s more than ready to go on, despite the fact that it’s going to drive her deeper into the world of the strigoi and the darkness that birthed Penelope.

Tuck welcomes the darkness, knowing that at the end of…

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Wind Chill (2007)

Cool review of a kick ass film!!!
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Rivers of Grue

Crimson Quill’s Appraisal #332

wind_chill_horror_review (7)

Number of Views: One
Release Date: April 27, 2007
Sub-Genre: Supernatural
Country of Origin: United States/United Kingdom
Budget: $6,000,000
Running Time: 91 minutes
Director: Gregory Jacobs
Producers: Graham Broadbent, Peter Czernin
Screenplay: Joe Gangemi, Steven A. Katz
Special Effects: Dan Rebert
Visual Effects: Jon Cowley, Chris Holmes, Thomas J. Smith
Cinematography: Dan Laustsen
Score: Clint Mansell
Editing: Lee Percy
Studios: Blueprint Pictures, Section Eight Productions
Distributors: TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing
Stars: Emily Blunt, Ashton Holmes, Martin Donovan, Ned Bellamy, Ian A. Wallace, Donny James Lucas, Chelan Simmons, Darren Moore, Linden Banks, Caz Odin Darko, Heath Horejda, Ian Thompson

wind_chill_horror_review (10)

Suggested Audio Candy:

Clint MansellWind Chill

wind_chill_horror_review (3)

My first experience of English rose Emily Blunt(Edge of Tomorrow/Looper) wasn’t The Devil Wears Prada like most but instead a charming indie feature by Pawel Pawlikowski named My Summer of Love. I remember two things about that movie; first…

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San Lazaro (2011) Quick Review

Oh looks nice. :)
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Rare Horror

San Lazaro Movie Poster

Our quick reviews bring you great movie recommendations without the spoilers.

Genre:  Comedy/Horror

Plot:  A man journeys with his estranged friend to the town of San Lazaro to ask a faith-healer for help in saving the life of his brother, who is possessed by an evil spirit.


Now here’s one that I’m certain not many of you have seen or even heard of.  San Lazaro is a Filipino comedy/horror directed by Wincy Aquino Ong.  In this “buddy” movie,  we get to know the two main characters through a series of flashbacks as they travel to meet with a faith healer.

What we liked:

  • Features a more complex, and ambitious storyline than you usually see in this genre.
  • Strong performances from the lead characters played by Ramon Bautista and the director, Wincy Aquino Ong.
  • Has a great twist ending that will take you by surprise.

san lazaro screen

What we didn’t like:

  • This movie isn’t…

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