My Cats History…


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Cat history of mine.

Was 13 years old.

Grisette, from 3 months when our parents gave her to us to 21 years, she stays at my home place I was raised in. In winter time, inside she went, never out. Spring coming she meows down the stairs which she never climbed up. Dad didn’t want that but when he wasn’t there, in our rooms she was, of course. Lotsa times when we came back and opened the door, she ran down and excaped in the wood rack hung on the basement ceiling. Now try to catch me there bastards!!! Hehehe 🙂

Summer time out in the fields, beaches and rocks around the house she was. Winter time in the basement and never out.

Once in winter she was sleeping in the engine of my mom’s 68 Mustang Hatchback. She asked to go out probably for her last time in winter. Mom started the damn machine and fucking LOTS OF INSANE SCREAMS got out from under the hood. Mom shut it down and it took me a few hours to find her all destroyed in a pile of wood in the backyard.

Head badly hurt, Black eyed, belly sliced, 6 suture points and a broken leg. 3 months later she was alright and getting back to her usual routine… Every day she was waiting at the street crossing that we came back in the school bus. She NEVER missed us once. Sweet little thing. Died of old age next to her food bowl in the flowers next to the stairs at the door. Lovely. Great memories.

Ginette, found her on the streets she was 3 months old, just out of her tits feeding. Brought the girl home. She was coming with me when I went to grab my Smack and I was telling her to wait at the dude’s door which she did and back home following me after.

Once, the freaking whore licked a gram of Mescaline I left on the table and when it started, she was RUNNING ON THE DAMN WALLS!!! She even pooped right next to her litterbox. I guess she was seeing a hundred of them. 😆

She didn’t move from the bed for 3 days after, had to bring her her food and water on the bed so she could eat and drink. She was so nice and affection full. 🙂

Died eaten by the Husky dog at the therapy I went to and I brought her there with me. Bastard dog, wanted to kill the fucking Wolf like crap, I was so damn angry, pissed and sad. He brought her to me, kind of like saying here look, she defied me so I snapped her. Because SHE WAS ALWAYS snapping her paws in Mohawk’s [the dog’s name] face!!! That was funny to see. Good for you lil’ insane cunt. Hahaha

She loved me to hang her head down like this, weird.

France, Marocain, cat of my good friend that had AIDS. When Isabelle died, the orange cat became mine. He was a sick fuck. Once a government visit came in and the naughty dude decided that he would fuck the head capo of the magazine’s Veronica cat. So the BIG HUGE doors open and there he was making her scream extremely lous in total extasy. MWAHAHA 😆

He jumped INSANELY HIGH in the Ivy plant on the Ruble Castle’s front wall to catch birds which he was a pro at. He WANTED TO BE PET when he was asking for it and if we were too occupied to do so, asshole smacked down the 200 pages 5 languages books we were preparing to do maquettes. A freaking mess, bamn him. Oh and he absolutely LOOOVED jumping from ground to my shoulder and sleeping in my neck all the time. Rad cat.

Back in Quebec, Montreal, a first Black one in my life.
Black cats ARE FUCKING EVIL AS MAD and they hate people that come from the outside. So Evilish he died because stupid dude jumped on the heating circles on the oven and burned to H3LL. Quite something trying to blow the Fire Extinguisher at a cat jumping and running poor beast screaming painfully. The most horrible way to die for such a cool animal, even as Evil as it was, was very PAINFUL for me too. 😦 One of the baddest thing I saw in my life so when I hear stories of assholes playing the burn cats games I wanna kill, I have this sick memory in my head for the rest of eternity.

EDIT-I forgot to talk about Pixelito the suicidal cat. Freak was jumping out the open windows and was falling in the parking 3 stories down. Spotted the nuts guy 2 days before leaving Montreal to come down here. Must be hanging in the roofs with his harem of female cats he was draging around with him all the time. 🙂

Rivière-du-Loup, LOLy, Black cat with white colar and tip of paws. She was great until Sweet was born. Then she turned to most EVIL AS H3LL thing I’ve ever seen in my life. No Horror movie mad man or gil can beat that. She was hissing and groawling loudly at the peeps coming iun and jumped right in their faces all claws out. Whe she got her second batch of babies, all she was doing was feeding them, Sweet was washing them and playing with them while she was doing her damn laying down stuff.

So EVIL that she has attacked violenty Sweet for 2 years and I had to take them apart and put Demonic LOLy in the bathroom door close until she was calmed dow. And she meowed from day to night 20 hours on 24 when ahe was in heat. O_o

Nt the end, I got so damn pissed I threw her out and didn’t open anymore when she came back. Last time I saw her, she was frightened and ran away never to be seen again. I didn’t bother because the damn girl knew how to hunt perfectly. She was a damn pro. She’s probably still wandering the R.-D.-H3LL streets nowadays if she haven’t been hit by a car yet which I’m sure happened. She probably layed down in the middle of a busy street and got crunched. Hahaha

Pre Possesion…

And my best of them all, the lovely marvellous and kick ass weird Sweet the lil’ chick bug faced.


I want THAT CAT!!!


And I’ll shot this entry with YUMALICIOUS naked Scarlett Johansson in Under The Skin 2013 A MASTERPIECE of fucking TWISTING movie: ❤ ❤ ❤


2 responses to “My Cats History…

  1. I had a couple of cats as well. 2 of them were black Othello and Corbin and 1 was a Calico and another a Tabby. Black cats seem to follow me so I don’t know if they were familiars in another life or what. While I enjoy cats, I am probably closer to dogs. And I have also owned both at the same time! They actually tolerated one another and lived together for a long time.

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